Our Copyright Team is headed by our partner, Ms. Xiangjing LUO, who has been practicing in IP field for 13 years with extensive experience in copyright. She was the deputy secretary-general of China Written Works Copyright Society with rich experience in scheming, organizing and presiding many copyright seminars, including international seminars. She, in the name of China copyright collective management organizations, attended many international copyright conferences. She had worked as a juror and participated in trying 50 cases in Beijing IP Court. She writes extensively in publications on copyright.


We advise and represent clients in relation to the following issues:


Copyright ownership

Copyright registration

Software registration

Registration of other works

Investigation on copyright ownership

Planning copyright ownership of derivative work, co-work, compiled work, and work created in the course of employment, commissioned work, cinematographic work, and work created by a process analogous to cinematography

Copyright ownership confirmations 

Copyright transfer

Copyright succession and receipt

Copyright licensing

Copyright transfers

Services relating to media, publication of books and magazines 

Services relating to performances 

Services relating to films and TV productions 

Services relating to auto and video productions 

Services relating to the rights of broadcasting organizations 

Services relating to copyright trade 

Services relating to databases 

Services relating to computer software programming and licensing 

Services relating to network distribution 

Other services relating to copyright and neighboring rights 


Copyright Team