Mr. Yunze LIAN Attended the 17th MARQUES Spring Meeting and Gave Presentation

Mr. Yunze LIAN, Senior Partner and Head of our firm, attended the 17th MARQUES Spring Meeting, held in Amsterdam on March 7-8, 2019. As a member of MARQUES China Team, he gave a presentation in the workshop "A50 SHADES OF INT. TM EXAMINATION – TOUGH TERRITORIES." 

The workshop is about provisional refusals in places which tend to be tough examining authorities in which applicants have hard time with their trademark applications. The aim is to present shortly the usual but rather irritating problems arising in examination of local fractions of International trademarks in territories which are already known to be tougher than others, and may be help right owners or their agents to be better prepared. They aim at 4 Territories: (1) Israel; (2) USA; (3) China; (4) Switzerland. In addition to Mr. LIAN, IP practitioners from other three territories also gave presentations.