Jadong is strong in the field of anti-counterfeiting owing to the outstanding expertise and experience of our Anti-counterfeiting Team. Jadong is in close association with ABIDA, an investigation company founded in 2011 by Mr. Yunze LIAN. Under his leadership, ABIDA has successfully carried out thousands of investigations and raid actions against counterfeiters of many well-known international trademarks. Through ABIDA’s raid actions under his management, many counterfeiters have been successfully prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment. ABIDA has in-house investigators, who specialize in finding counterfeiting factories, warehouses, shops, and counterfeit products.


Our Anti-counterfeiting Team is headed by our partner, Mr. Yunze LIAN, who has been a practicing IP attorney for 33 years, and is an expert on anti-counterfeiting. He is a frequent speaker on anti-counterfeiting at many international conferences, and also was a committee member of INTA's Anti-counterfeiting Committee.


We employ two main measures to stop infringement and counterfeiting. One is by judicial procedure and the other is by administrative procedure taken by the local government enforcement offices, like the AIC and TSB. In our practice, most of the infringement/counterfeiting matters are administrative: They are taken by the AIC and TSB, which is effective, time saving and efficient from a cost perspective.


In raid actions against counterfeiters, when the cases meet criminal criteria, we will take the judicial route: We request the relevant AIC or TSB to transfer the case to the proper Public Security Bureau for criminal prosecution.


We are strong in the fields of anti-counterfeiting due to our integrated anti-counterfeiting strategy, which consist of five parts:


Finding counterfeiters

Stopping counterfeiting

Aiding Law Enforcement in the Prosecution of counterfeiters

Obtaining compensation

Preventing counterfeiting


We know how to find counterfeiters, how to stop their counterfeiting, how to have them imprisoned by the appropriate authorities, how to obtain compensation, and how to take preventive action against counterfeiting.


Anti-counterfeiting services

Investigation of infringers/counterfeiters, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and internet sellers 

Investigation of the sources of counterfeit products 

Market survey on counterfeit products 

Raid action against infringers/counterfeiters 

Requesting criminal investigation by the Public Security Bureau 

Negotiation with infringers/counterfeiters 

Sending cease and desist letters 

Customs recordation of trademark, patent and copyright 

Custom action against infringers/counterfeiters 

Investigation of the use of a trademark 

Investigation of trademark owners 

Company search with the company registration authority 

In-depth company investigation


Anti-counterfeiting Team